Anal, Orgy, Lesbian with Small Town Girls!

Small Town Girls know they’ve got what it takes to make it big – and they definitely do make things huge! You don’t want to miss these sexy, luscious ladies you grew up with during the best of porn days – the “Golden Age of Porn”! These girls decide to have a competition.. or rather a “sex competition”! Wanna find out who will come out “ahead” of the rest, and which slut is the winner as these babes take on the town and fuck and suck their way to first place!

Serena, Dorothy LeMay, Sharon Kane, and Valeri Darlyn star as four contestants in a sex contest for a magazine. Valerie Darlyn, may not be the best looking woman in the film, but she is certainly the hottest. She steals the movie in her three scenes. A threesome with Kandi Barbour and a lucky stud, a lesbian tryst with Sharon Kane in a tree house, and an incredible orgy with Kandi, Bonnie Holiday and three guys, The golden age really knew how to display the sexual powers of older women (older in porn means mid-30’s) with hot bodies. A sensational film filled with the most beautiful women of classic XXX adult entertainment!

Come on over to Porn Classics, and reminisce about all of those great hardcore film starlets you fell in lust over back in the day! Enjoy seeing them in all their glory again, as you watch the best of retro porn! Find out who becomes the winner as you watch straight, anal, orgy, sucking, fucking sluts with VCX & Porn Classics: Small Town Girls!

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Delivering Classic Retro Porn!

Tired of the same old dinner every night? Then order up from these sexy ass classic porn sluts!

These are the pornstars you remember – Candida Royale, John Holmes, Desiree Cousteau, Christine DeShaffer, John Seeman – as they deliver some of the best in hardcore from VCX and Porn Classics!

Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls – We Deliver!: This rates as a comic look at the fast food business. John Holmes operates a pizza delivery service that adds very special toppings provided by the delivery girls – Desiree, Candida, Chris and Laurien. But Paul Thomas and the fried chicken people enlist the aid of the infamous San Francisco Night Chicken to drive the pizza operation out of business. The sex scenes are exceptionally ludicrous in this very entertaining classic adult movie!

Come on over and visit with us, bring back the memories of your favorite “Golden Age of Porn” anal hardcore flicks and stars! Come on in and ask for some extra sauce with Pizza Girls! You’ll get more than you bargained for as you enjoy all the ass fucking, cock sucking, pussy pie licking when you enjoy Porn Classics and Pizza Girls!

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Classic Porn Anal Hardcore!

Catch up with your favorites such as John Holmes, Linda Wong, Joe Silvera, Phaery Byrd, John Seeman and others as they introduce you to Stormy!

Stormy – Starring John Holmes as the sophisticated, red-blooded, wheeling and dealing head of the slickest, high-class, high-priced call girls in San Francisco. Stormy rips open the love-for-sale racket with unflinching realism. And when you see the fabulous beauties employed by Big John, you’ll understand why his fees are so huge.

Come on into the lives of high class hookers as John Holmes heads the hottest hookers in San Francisco! You’ll understand why these girls are the highest priced call-girls around as you watch all of their cock sucking, pussy fucking and ass pounding! Experience the best moments of the “Golden Age of Adult Entertainment” at Porn Classics!

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